Your pool used to be the best part of your home when you built it but after many years, it has lost its beauty. At which point, you also feel that you don’t need the pool anymore. If you want to remove your swimming pool altogether to relieve yourself of the trouble of monthly maintenance, then you don’t have to call pool experts to do that job. What you need are demolition contractors to get the project started.  

Fill Projects

Swimming pool removal is more complicated than you think it is as there are many technicalities involved. For starters, there are at least four types of pool demolition projects and each of them is described below. If you need help in understanding more about these concepts, talk to a pool removal and in fill expert near you. 

Partial Removal with Non-Engineered Fill 

This is the most common type of swimming pool removal project as it is the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient method available. The project involved puncturing the bottom of the swimming pool and demolishing its sidewalls. After which, the demolished pool will be filled with land, with the whole process not requiring engineering oversight. Although this project may seem simple, the area where the swimming pool used to be is tagged as non-buildable, which means no structure can be constructed over it.  

Partial Removal with Engineered Fill

This option is similar to the one above with the only difference is the fact that the filling in is done with the supervision of an engineering technician. The oversight of certified engineering personnel is required to determine if a structure can be built over the land and what type. The engineering team will do density testing and send over the results to the local authorities.  

Full removal with Non-Engineered Backfill 

If you want your pool to be fully removed, then this is the option for you. The job entails removing everything used in your pool, such as fiberglass, concrete, liner, and others. All of these things will be disposed of or recycled prior to adding a backfill. The full removal of swimming pools has a lesser possibility of sinking.  

Full Removal with Engineered Backfill  

This option is also similar to the one above with engineering oversight as their only difference. Here, a certified engineer will test and mark the area fully buildable so that the value of your property is duly restored. In any case, this is the best pool demolition option for you. It may not be as fast or as cheap as the other options but the investment may pay off in the long run.  

Hire demolition contractors who are very knowledgeable about all of these methods to ensure that you get exactly what you expect. Swimming pool demolition is a rather complicated job and if you don’t know about these methods, you might suffer the consequences later on. Qualified demolition contractors would take time in explaining each of these concepts to ensure that you make an informed decision later on.