Cosmetics or commonly known as makeup is one of the multibillion industries in the world that has been a part of most women’s daily life. Not everybody is a fan of makeup, but a lot of women even men are into the art that makeup brings into their lives. Makeup has been used since the ancient times. For example, in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs and queens used eyeliner as to put emphasis on the eyes. Today, eyeliner is both used by men and women for daily or entertainment use.

There are a lot of products sold across the globe to attain instant beauty, makeup is one of the best tools to highlight your best assets. Though make up is not permanent, the industry has still managed to discover ways to make the application less frequent.

Permanent Makeup

All makeup kinds like lipstick, eyeliners, blushers and contours are made to last on a certain amount of time. There are a lot of cosmetics that are made to last for 24 hours for its users to enjoy and avoid the hassle of reapplication or some events require long lasting makeup like fashion shows and weddings. But this multibillion industry did not stop its innovation for lost lasting makeup, today you can now have permanent makeup.

So, what is permanent makeup? Permanent makeup or known as cosmetic tattooing is now one of the fastest growing procedure in the beauty and health industry. The process is very simple, just like having a tattoo. Permanent makeup focuses on adding pigmentation to specific parts of the body that may be a part of constructive surgery or for aesthetical purposes. Patients going for aesthetical purposes are more common in permanent makeup, and these are the body parts that usually needs permanent pigmentation to get more definition:

  • Eyebrows – if you want more volume and definition on your eyebrows you can search online microblading Seattle near you and try this permanent make up process.
  • Lips – permanent lipstick tattooing is now very common. You can have your full lips tattooed or get a permanent lip line for definition
  • Lower Eyelids – you can throw your eyeliner pencils and have permanent eyeliner with permanent makeup.
  • Nipples – after breast reconstruction, cosmetics surgeons may advice to improve the appearance of the nipple, hence permanent makeup is needed.

What are the Precautions?

Like any other procedure that involves needles, there are a lot of safety hazards you should know before having a permanent makeup. You must only go to a licensed and professional permanent makeup clinic. There have been a lot of cases that patients were hospitalized due to allergic reactions and infections during the procedure. It is also important to do skin test before any application and more. Before deciding on some permanent makeup procedure always make sure that you are dealing with professionals, cheap permanent makeup procedures are not always a good option. There are 5 important things to remember and what to expect with permanent makeup:

  • It will hurt
  • It takes time to heal
  • There may be allergic reactions and infections
  • Never trust a very cheap clinic, always compare it to the mainstream cosmetic clinics
  • It is quite costly but you know it’s safe.

Is it worth the try?

They say there is no price for beauty, but for safety there is. Trying to look good and feel good is not a crime but we should always remember that we should weight first the pros and cons of any type of procedure, especially permanent makeup. For some it is worth the try and for some it is not a priority. So, it’s up to you to take the risk and always know the precautions.